The modern role of Gold: Governmental use since the end of Gold and Sterling Standard currency

Gold Reserves Gold Reserves are a nation’s assets in gold that is held or controlled by the central bank of that country and it is representative of the country’s store of value. More »


Barrick Gold: Everything You Need to Know About this Corporation

For many decades, Barrick Gold has represented one of the biggest gold companies in the world. With multiple active operations around the globe, this colossal corporation continues to grow, menacing in a healthy fashion those other companies present in this

China’s Golden Ambitions

Chinese Gold Demand All Time High

It is no secret that China has an ambition for its currency to join the ranks of the Dollar and the Euro and if we look at their currency initiatives since 2013, the country’s demand for gold reached an all

Asia Physical Gold Buying Pushes Prices for Second Day

After suffering some losses, gold is gaining points again. Asia physical gold buying that is being experienced right now achieved a boost for the precious metal prices in the international markets. Past week wasn’t amazing for the yellow metal, having

Mediocre Monday for Gold Market, Going Up and Down

Early in the morning, gold market was suffering some critical movements from gold hedge funds that abandoned the yellow metal, looking for other promising alternatives. Even with a record performance for the recent decades, there are organisations and individual players

What You Need to Know About Mining on August 19th, 2016

gold mining investments

For analysts, the sentiment towards the mining sector is mixed. There is a lot going on in both ways. The bullish gold market is something great for mining companies, which are now seeing notable profit margins in their operations for

The Investment Labyrinth

silver and gold bullion coins

Regardless of from which perspective an investor decides to look at things whether they are economic advisors for governments or strategic tacticians for corporations or treasuries, the current market conditions have lead to a situation where nobody seems to understanding

The Many Faces of Gold

Australian Gold Nugget Coin With Silver Bullion Bars

There are plenty of ways to profit during a gold bull market and the only difference would be the moment of sale that decides on how much profit one stands to make. Gold is indeed the only basis for real

Golden Equities

Gold And Silver U.s. Bullion Coins

When someone says equities, the first thought that comes to most people’s minds are shares, stocks, bonds not to mention profits. Although this is true to a large extent, the truth of the matter is that equities represent a certain

Australian Gold

eGoldTrading is one of only a handful few organisations that offer incredible arrangements to the individuals who are locked in with the valuable metal industry. The organisation is partnered with a percentage of the greatest and most regarded valuable metal

Melbourne Bullion Dealers

Those hunting down true blue, unsurprising and sensible gold vendors, especially those of you who have desires to buy gold bullion in the Melbourne area that offers snappy gold bullion transport your decisions are moved and grouped. Melbourne has a