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What You Should Know About Investing In Silver In 2019

A lot of gold investors who follow what is happening on the COMEX also bet on silver. This group of traders remained bearish for most of the year, but turned their attention for the first time in almost two years

China’s Golden Ambitions

It is no secret that China has an ambition for its currency to join the ranks of the Dollar and the Euro and if we look at their currency initiatives since 2013, the country’s demand for gold reached an all

Mediocre Monday for Gold Market, Going Up and Down

Early in the morning, gold market was suffering some critical movements from gold hedge funds that abandoned the yellow metal, looking for other promising alternatives. Even with a record performance for the recent decades, there are organisations and individual players that do

What You Need to Know About Mining on August 19th, 2016

For analysts, the sentiment towards the mining sector is mixed. There is a lot going on in both ways. The bullish gold market is something great for mining companies, which are now seeing notable profit margins in their operations for

The Investment Labyrinth

Regardless of from which perspective an investor decides to look at things whether they are economic advisors for governments or strategic tacticians for corporations or treasuries, the current market conditions have lead to a situation where nobody seems to understanding

Golden Equities

When someone says equities, the first thought that comes to most people’s minds are shares, stocks, bonds not to mention profits. Although this is true to a large extent, the truth of the matter is that equities represent a certain

Reason’s to purchase Gold

There are various fundamental reasons why people buy gold, the most surely understood being acquiring gold decorations for the sole inspiration driving wearing it, others buy things in gold with the final objective of giving gifts yet then others for

The Ignored “Safe-Haven” of Gold

To the present day, there is a price range for gold per ounce that is making the commodities markets fall in desperation. Despite the several crisis all around the world, the financial logic of the gold “safe haven” is not